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Healing Transformations

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 Receiving acupuncture can be of great assistance on the path to well-being.  With the goal of creating a free-flow of the body’s own innate intelligence through the meridians (nadis in Ayurveda) acupuncture can powerfully stimulate the bodies own healing responses.  Both the cause and the manifestation of dis-ease can be effectively treated.

Pauli takes an integrative approach developed from a combination of acupuncture techniques including Acu moxa, Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Cupping, Gua Sha, herbs, nutrition and more depending on the Chinese Syndrome Diagnosis.  Her emphasis is on safe and gentle treatments that support the healing of both the root cause and the symptoms of dis-ease. A treatment series is often recommended to ensure complete, beneficial results.

Getting Started

You'll begin by filling out a Health History Questionnaire which you can print and complete, or Pauli will provide it for you at the time of your first visit. You'll also need to read, understand and sign our Privacy-Policy.
*other appointment times may be negotiated.


Or a coded bill that you may submit for reimbursement is available for those who prefer to pay at time of service.

Services for Children

Pauli is happy to work with children, from newly born infants through teenagers. Parents are always present. Treatments with Pauli can help with colic, colds, earaches, tummy aches, ADD, skin troubles and more.