Homer Acupuncture


Class is Tuesdays 12:00-1:00
at Many Rivers Alaska
October 13th- November10th.

Pre-registration is required to attend

For more information please go to manyriversalaska.com

Qigong the art of healing oneself and others through the art of meditative movement.

Moving into "mudras" helps to calm our minds and connect us with our original selves. It brings us closer to our oneness with the universe and peace within our hearts. Modern research has validated that qigong is useful to heal and prevent physical disease and the mind. 

Master Liu He goes as far as to say "This ancient form of medicine is also a step into the future, going beyond disease prevention to a positive paradigm of developing human potential offering natural tools to evolve."

Throughout the 5000-year-old legacy of qigong thousands of forms have evolved. These forms come from qigong masters or sages and are passed down as the family treasure. It is a privilege to be in this time and place where we have the ability to learn many forms. Each form offers its own special gift. At different times in life or during different circumstances a form may call to you, just as a certain color on the painter's palate, each form has its own use.

1000 Hands Buddha is graceful and powerful qigong form. It is performed in an easy sitting position offering a very deep meditative quality. It name implies that you can do it an infinite amount of times and always grow closer to awakening.

In this 5 week course we will learn 1000 Hands Buddha, 5 finger harmonization, new moon and full moon meditation, and qigong movements to enhance the Lungs and immune system.


Community Qi Gong Tuesdays 9:30am -10:15am . $5 donation