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Shirodhara is an element of Ayurvedic medicine, which has been used for 5,000 years in India. Shirodhara means flowing oil like a thread (dhara) on the head (shiro).

There are many benefits to receiving a Shirodhara. Some of these include:

The beauty of a Shirodhara is that it disarms the nervous system so that deep healing may occur. Due to the pressures of life we as humans tend to get into a cycle of sympathetic nervous responses, otherwise know as flight or fright. A Shirodhara brings each person back to their innate tendency towards physical and emotional balance.

What To Expect
When receiving a shirodhara come on a day or towards the end of the day when you will not have to go back to work or engage your "thinking mind" after treatment.

We will begin with a short chat about what your intention for treatment is or anything that you are noticing or working on in your "inner work". I will then be able to hold this intention for you during your session.

Before the shirodhara treatment begins, you will receive a specific massage that involves a fair amount of oil to aid in circulation while you rest comfortably.
The shirodhara will than begin by applying warm oil over your third eye and the marma points of the forhead.

Your hair will become very oily in this process, which is very nourishing for your hair and scalp. It is very important to bring a hat that you will not mind getting oily to cover your head after treatment. It will not benefit you to have your wet head exposed to chilly air.

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